Get a SECURITY Job: Requirements & Interview

Get a SECURITY Job: Requirements & Interview

How to get a job in security? What are the minimum requirements to be a security guard/officer? What can you do to help get the job? Today we are talking with Randy Huscher. Randy has been the director of security for several large sites with many huge companies and is a wealth of knowledge with over 30 years of management experience.

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  1. There is a different in guard and officer, an officer is with rank and a guard is just a guard! Stand post to prevent access and and ofcr is more customer service type more a true professional style. Urding something is what is being done.

  2. Am trying get a security work but I need to get the basic needs required am age 21 and I guess I need some tips I’ll need to spend money getting things require what or the things I can expect like doing the test at end of training

  3. Will companies feel insulted if I tell them that I’m in the hiring process with law enforcement and wanted to make some money in the mean time while still being related to my career choice? I currently work security for the college who knows I’m in the academy. In fact they specifically hire academy recruits. But I’m also in the hiring process with a law enforcement agency and I was thinking that if it takes longer than I thought I can work for another security job.

  4. In my experience armed security is all about the client and the public .
    you are still a civilian and you are only a extension of the property owner .
    don’t think that wen you are wearing that badge your a police officer

  5. Hey Tommy, excellent video as always. I am an armed guard working for a private company, and looking to get into LE.

    I’ve heard that some agencies don’t like to hire guards, have you experienced getting turned down by a department just for being a guard?

    The company I work for is not a large corporate one, more of a smaller private one…we have patrol vehicles, hand-to-hand training, taser + OC foam + firearms training, and even some bodyguard duty a few times a year

  6. Free field training, I’ve been doing entry lv security for a few months with the plan to get into law enforcement. I used to be a supervisor for a big industrial outfit, so this security work is too simple. I want this line of work to expect more of me. So, should I move around to better companies? If I stay with the company I’m with now, I I have a possibility to work a site and gain a security clearance but I don’t know if it’s even worth it. I’ve talked to my local LE and they have told me to get into armed security, then into the department of corrections for a good way in.
    Do you have any ideas or suggestions?

  7. Had an interview, and I noticed so many red flags. The manager bad mouthed all the other security companies. They wanted me to performing cleaning and maintenance if client saw fit even though we shouldn’t even do that. On top of that complicated site orders. WTF

  8. Best video yet brother. I start working for a security contractor based out of Detroit in September. Maybe I’ll run into you and Mr. Huscher some day, really appreciated the wise and motivating words.

  9. I’m not sure about the US and Canada, but I know the security Industry in NSW Australia isn’t worth breaking into.

    There’s not a heap of consistent work if you only have a cert II in security and employers who actually pay award rate are a rarity (but virtually never the proper nightshift or weekend rate),
    the industry is over regulated,
    You have have a permit and a demonstratable need to be able to legally aquire handcuffs and/or a baton. Pepper spray is, from what I’ve heard, even more rarely allowed than handguns in the industry. take that last one with a grain of salt.

    Hope the US and Canadian industry is better.

  10. As a college student who works security…….I’ll say this……Look into working a flex position…..I work for a company on a Flex position (part time position, on an on-call basis, If somebody calls off on a prop. I go in to fill in) The flex position usually is fit around your hours but don’t count on that……It pays fine & gives me the freedom to work two jobs

  11. Great video, would love to see more of this type of thing. I am currently working security, Asset Protection at this time pursuing my degree looking to get into law enforcement. Love your channel and content man. Keep up the great work!

  12. Free field training can you do videos of how to put on handcuffs, how to search someone, handling large groups of people, tour of a squad car, best time to work an officer (day or night), and demonstrations of things police officers do instead of only talking about them. Keep up the good work

  13. You guys look like seasoned porn directors with leads all over the "industry". If I and the lady ever decide to make a movie can you guys produce it?

  14. Hey What about working security while you are are police officer off Duty to get extra money Would you still have to do all these steps?

  15. Keep it simple and engaging. Demonstrate you have the knowledge, skills, and abilities to learn and/do the work in a professional manner.

  16. I want nothing more than to be an armed guard with a high profile site if employment…however my tattoos get in way Everytime. I grown tired of hearing"well if you didn’t have tattoos I would hire you in a second". It’s frustrating.

  17. I wore the uniform provided to me which was polo with logo, tac pants and boots. Place I worked for (state) said I looked too much like a cop. Apparently I was just supposed to wear jeans and shoes.

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