Get a SECURITY job: $$$

Get a SECURITY job: $$$

How much does a security officer make? What is the top salary? Does being an armed guard always pay more? Today we are talking with Randy Huscher. Randy has been the director of security for several large sites with many huge companies and is a wealth of knowledge with over 30 years of management experience.

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  1. I have a mon through friday 40 hours a week sit around with 2 other guards making 12 an hour in California. Now is that good or should I sacrifice my weekends for 13 to 14?

  2. I started working in the late 90’s, making $8 something an hour. Even after I started working as a armed officer I didn’t break $11, until I started working the FPS federal contract. That was $21.97 an hour as an armed officer. I now work for a major county making over $50,000 a year, unarmed. We have guys that have broke $80,000 a year with overtime. The best thing I found is you usually have to put in time. Unless you fall into very specific criteria you aren’t going to be making 80k a year as new guard. You have to spend time working for less pay and working shitty hours. Also you can’t be afraid to put in work, crappy hours, crappy pay and crappy posts. Bosses notice who is willing to put out extra effort, and you will eventually be rewarded for your loyalty. At least this has been my experience.

  3. hello I’m a security guard from 2017 I’ve been a security guard for about almost 5 years and I live in u.s. Florida I can tell you from experience that the security is all a bunch of wannabe cops and washed out the cops with a grudge the play favoritism quite often and the pay rate isn’t even enough to pay rent you get a decent amount of salary if you’re armed but do not be fooled most of the security companies send you too horrible location will you pretty much forced to use the weapon meanwhile their favorite guards they send them to locations that are armed but aren’t that dangerous claiming of being fair and just as for scaling up you pretty much have to kiss a lot of ass and like he said hope for someone to die a perfectly good example is being a road supervisor which is a horrible job running like a dead chicken in schedule runs sitting all day without sleep and the pay is pretty much $2 more than an Army Post if anybody offers you Road supervisor do not take it it’s a trap I agree with the Selfies to a certain extent as for the rest it’s a bunch of crap

  4. I know this is off topic but does that coffee cup hold a lot of coffee? Being there for a hour and a half seem reasonable to fill up on the coffee cup but you did not

  5. I work as a Security Officer for a large hospital in South West Michigan. I make $15 an hour, work full time and have full benefits with paid time off. I am working on getting my bachelors degree so I can work into management. The money is there folks you just gotta work into it.

  6. I i was thinking going into army but nah I cant go that long time i would miss my family so I want to go in law enforcement

  7. Thank you and great video. I’ve been doing very well in loss prevention with a large retailer. I want to get into law enforcement but I see very lucrative opportunities with my current company. I’m torn with what I want to do.

  8. I’m sorry Security Doesn’t Pay, Period!

    Maybe it did when Randy started but it doesn’t anymore. Also he is a Director of Security, not a security guard, basically a manager. Anyone can work their way up a corporate ladder to become a manager at any company. In other industries getting up the chain of command usually gsins an individual more perks when compared to being a security manager.

  9. I would love a q and a session with Andy. I liked the end of the video when he briefly stated about gun carrying no longer than and hour before and after shift.

  10. I love the interview series with Randy, but we need more varied content…. Tabletops or FTO in the field or something. Small suggestion: next time you do a series like this, put out small videos in between or

  11. Hey idk if you have hospital security where you live but if you do what do you think of that job? Im wanting to try it out and move up the ladder

  12. Question for you Tommy! (not related to this video) are there any "low profile" civilian life wearable Winter Jackets you’d recommend? I was looking at the saber 2.0 but as you said, not a Winter jacket.

  13. California has some of the strictest rules and laws for Security in the country, January 1, 2018 starts Psych tests for armed guards.

  14. once again, good advice for everyone: even if you DON’T name your employer, you post crazy stuff on fb, folks will google you, and contact your employer, even a past employer! i’ve received flamemail about former employees long after they’ve left, so imagine what that does for your references.

  15. Love the series so far. Can you discuss older people coming into the field. I’m a bit older than a high school grad but would I be overlooked cause of this?

  16. free field training and and and and these are the links to video about Darien Long video and do you agree with Darien Long tactics and myth ifs and do you think he was acting professional at his job at the metro mall yes or no sir and did you think he did a great job there sir and can you please respond to this comment please sir thanks and thank you for your service as a police officer and be very safe sir and by the way can security guard companies make more money with taser training just like with the OC spray and baton training sir can you respond to this comment please sir thanks and be very safe sir and by the way sir I am not trying to be mean or anything like that I was just asking though and how come security guard companies charge people and tell people to pay money so they can provide the training for them to become a security guard sir and the state and federal government dose not pay for it just like they do for Law enforcement agencies all the time sir can you please let me know that please sir thanks and be very safe sir and thank you for your service as a police officer sir and by the way sir can you do a video on your armed security guard and independent contractor duty belts please sir and on your Auxiliary police duty belt please sir and can you do a video talking about independent contractor and Auxiliary police work please sir thanks and be very safe sir and can you respond to this comment please sir thanks and be very safe sir and as a independent contractor and Auxiliary police officer where do you work sir can you please let me know that please sir thanks and be very safe sir.

  17. Absolute lie everything they said, man on the right claiming he makes 70K per year with a security job whichever position is a liar, man on the left kissing the man’s butt on the right probably because he is his boss. Listen kids if you get a security job you are better off concentrating on stepping up and going to school or joining the military or a police force, do not work for private security companies if you can avoid, they are cheap, they have no money, and the only reason you are getting minimum wage is because the law says so, if wasn’t for the law those dishonest companies would pay you a even less. Now if you are stuck on a job like this I advise to do a few things: 1 Learn labor laws, that will tell you what those dishonest companies can and cannot do to you; 2 Write to your political representatives and let them know how much it’s sucking the low paying rate you are getting; 3 Whatever you agree with those companies try to get in writing, schedules, pay rates, uniforms replacement, get it all in writing those companies do not honor their word; 4 There are many free voice recording apps out there get one and anytime you get call into their office turn that thing on, if they say something dumb to you report them to your labor department; 5 Don’t be afraid to quit, give them their 15 days notice and leave, some of those companies becomes so stuck up full of themselves and management so out of touch with guards that the sites becomes impossible to be properly secured and the guard’s safety is jeopardized because of it, your safety comes first.

  18. yo at the place i work at, the security guards have mandatory over time and they get paid a lot of overtime money. so if you are a hard worker and u can work like 60 hours a week, that’s like a shit ton of money because it’s even better than 2 jobs, cuz it’s one single job with overtime so u get time and a half beyond 40 hours. u just can’t have like 3 felonies or something

  19. Did I just hear when you are off duty you have to rush home to put away your gun? I believe if you have a license to carry do so because good guys with guns can take out a bad guy with a gun and save lives.

  20. The other issue with becoming a security guard in a state where guns are much easier to come by like az the work is much less lucrative.

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