G4S Security Guard Owned and Almost Cries Over Being Filmed

G4S Security Guard Owned and Almost Cries Over Being Filmed

Notice for the Idiots: I have a job (I am self-employed), I don’t claim welfare, and nor am I a pussy. I do this to document how bad things are for welfare claimants, and just how idiotic those in positions of “authority” are. If you wish to leave negative comments, expect the same in return.

The latest battle with the Jobcentre Plus Crossfield House, Halifax and The Treasury Solicitor’s department went to a new level on Friday the 16th of January 2015.

As I am banned from the Jobcentre Plus buildings for covertly recording evidence of their criminal behaviour, I was forced to extreme lengths to deliver a letter to Alan Ambrose, Head Honcho at Jobcentre Plus Crossfield House, Halifax.

This video documents what happened, and details the defamatory statements and blatant lies that the G4S bully boy told in order to get me into trouble for hurting his feelings.

Well, I implore my peers to judge for themselves as to whether defamation has occurred, but I suspect that I already know the answer to that.

Needless to say: I am taking this further and if the Treasury Solicitor fancies his chances against me, he is welcome to try.

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