G4S Security Guard Goes Crazy on 5/8/15 @ US District Court Northern District of New York.

G4S Security Guard Goes Crazy on 5/8/15 @ US District Court Northern District of New York.

On 05/08/15 I was filming the outside of the US District Court Northern District of New York. Around the back side I came across this security guard. I barely said 2 words to this guy before he started going crazy. I have had cops in my face and I have had dozens of correction guards in my face, but this guy was scarier then all them put together. He had the crazy eyes going, throwing punches and swearing at me like he hated me. I do not know if the Court Officers are subcontracting the intimidation or what. This might be a new tactic to stop people from filming. You be the judge.

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  1. Ppl who know me knows not to fuck with me ? What in the al capones ass was
    that old sag of shit ?

  2. It’s really fucking hard to understand why people spend his time filming
    other people working and driving them crazy. U think that this is an
    "impressing evidence" that proves that U R free? That u r smarter than
    others? U r just miserable fake anarchist, god pig!

  3. The second he hit me, I would’ve dropped him, detained him, then called the
    cops and had him arrested.

  4. Dude I’ve watched this video a hundred times and I split a stitch laughing
    ? so hard dude I thought he was going to have a stroke the funny part is
    you would have to administer CPR but at least you would have it on film I
    liked when he started shadow boxing you I snorted my milk through my nose
    stop you’re killing me

  5. 2:52 did he really say that HE’S ONE OF THOSE MUSLIMS,MUSLIMS ARE ASSHOLES
    ??? please correct me if I’m wrong

  6. Guard should not react like that, especially with those racist comments.
    Guards like this need to be trained that such behaviour will not be
    tolerated in today’s society. However, the guy recording is not helping the
    situation by continuing to record him and not leave, not unlawful or
    anything but does not help.

  7. I love this security guard, he actually thinks he can still fight. if it
    was me he would have been on the ground already. watch him assault the
    videographer, its at :50 for sound.

  8. So he’s a cranky old man who’s probably on the brink of dementia. Who
    cares? Leave his old miserable ass alone. What injustice!

  9. he is an old man, I’d have let him hit me in gut so i could beat the living
    hell out him. Not to mention it showed several times that he threatened to
    attack him with simulated attacks which is provoked assault. Stupid people
    like him deserve to be taught a lesson.

  10. How is he a security guard he barely walks if someone would push him he
    wouldn’t be able to stand up again.

  11. Makes you wonder what kind of interviewing/background
    check/profiling/qualifications it takes to be an armed security guard if
    you are this unstable.

  12. I don’t understand why you did this? How much pleasure could you possibly
    get out of taunting an old guy like that? You did not seem to have a useful
    mission in mind and nothing in that area appeared to be worthy of taking
    video’s of.

  13. waw this security guard needs to be fired, first off the video shows him
    striking the camera man and being racial by calling him a Muslim. racial

  14. Bad case of PTSD, this poor old guy is crazy and he has a gun, he should be
    charged with assault, time to have that awkward conversation with one of
    Trump’s deplorables, wow, just wow.

  15. so you went to some dudes job and started recording him then called him
    crazy when he got pissed? are you fucking retarded

  16. get it out of my face (standing 50feet away) get out of my
    fucking face (walking towards citizen) get it out of my
    fucking face (standing 5 feet from citizen) GET IT OUT OF MY
    FUCKING FACE(in citizen’s face) – he has no place WHAT SO EVER doing
    what he is doing(job)

  17. LOL Archie bunker transient security guards. "He’s one of them Muslims"
    "Take your turbin and get out of here" What a rotten old man LOL

  18. I can see ducking with law enforcement but private security contractors
    what a retard he would have the balls to do this in Iraq

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