First Amendment Test: Profoundly Ignorant Security Guards at the Sonoma County Fair

First Amendment Test: Profoundly Ignorant Security Guards at the Sonoma County Fair

Ignorant security guards outside of the Sonoma County Fairgrounds attempt to stop me from recording, misrepresent the law, and threaten to break my camera. While not recording, a security supervisor tells me that where he comes from, a person would “get their head cracked open” for recording in public.

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  1. The video didn’t get funny until the people started putting brochures in front of their faces….HILARIOUS!!!!!!!! Bunch of lemmings…

  2. Your videos are great, you are so calm, confident, and polite no matter how stupid they get!

  3. For the security cop who doesn’t want to be recorded should have thought a head and no walked up to a man with a camera

  4. "I’m gonna break that thing!" Has a hat that says, "I’m the greatest"……………………… lmao

  5. "Listening at you". Boy, oh, boy, I bet his grade-school English teacher feels mighty proud right about now.

  6. hahaha why they hiding haha they probly on tv that night anyway haha equal opportunity employer haha all the dicks.

  7. Some people use physical abuse rather than rationally discussing an issue…it marks the level of civilisation

  8. Funny how it became suddenly legal for you to record at the line when you told her to call the cops.

  9. Ignorance ignorance…these guys are DUMB! They give security jobs to just ANYBODY, OBVIOUSLY! Poor guys should be EMBARRASSED for being SO STUPID!

  10. The Sonoma County Fairgrounds are not private property. That is a lie and I do know this for an absolute fact.

  11. This is what happens when security companies pay crap wages!! You get what you pay for! Thugs and morons

  12. just watching those rent a cops may have killed some brain cells lol can i sue you lol

  13. Doo rag holding in what little brain must be there. Evidence by him talking. If you do NOT wanna be recorded you prolly should aks somebody and not walk into a camera frame. Damned dummy.

  14. nastynathanial: True each guard has a one day training course. But that does not make them professional. Like any other job the more experience you have the better you get.

  15. From the looks of it, looks like they will hire ANYBODY!!….Even FELONS!! I swear a few of them looks like they are out on work release! hahaha…LOL
    Chico at 12 min 40 sec was just about ready to use one or maybe two of his many weaponry strapped around his waist…lol Are you sure that these individuals arent part of the SWAT TEAM?? HAHAHAHAHAHA …I think all security personnel needs to be specifically told what they can do & what they cant do cause it clearly shows that they "THINK" they can do whatever they wish!!…Its funny how they make up their own laws in the middle of a situation!…HAHAHAHA

  16. I would think it would be easier to train a monkey than these uneducated security fools about the constitution and video recording from on public.

  17. I can’t believe you even engaged that ignorant black guy with case law when he can barely speak English.

  18. LOL, must be a lot of criminals working security at this fair. Scared shitless of being on camera.

  19. This guy don’t have a job? Walking around recording ppl and talking shit find a job ma nigga!!!

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