Fidelity Security Guard- Pulls Gun on Father after spraying 18m old in Face with PEPPER SPRAY

Fidelity Security Guard- Pulls Gun on Father after spraying 18m old in Face with PEPPER SPRAY


A Security Guard from Fidelity Security in Port Elizabeth driving a RESPONSE UNIT BAKKIE, almost ran over my daughter and i while crossing the parking lot in Greenacres Parking / HE JUST CLIPPED us !!while turning a corner….on the 14th January 2015, when i shouted at him… he stopped the car a FEW METRES AWAY !! and shouted back when i approached the passenger window UNARMED ..and bend down to passenger window ,still holding my 18 month old daughter to reprimand him EXPECTING and APOLOGY at best…..for almost driving over us he waited for us to APPROACH and PREMEDITATED an ATTACK with PEPPER SPRAY !!!! and sprayed both myself and my 18month old daughter in the face with PEPPER SPRAY and FLED !!! he later claimed he thought i was going to attack him ( WITH A 18 month OLD IN MY ARMS !! from the passenger side ???? ) !!! what follows is the events after a 15 min car chase [[ DAUGHTER NOT IN CAR !!!!!!!WAS BEING ATTENDED TO WITH MOM by Mugg and Bean Staff ] trying to get him to pull over so i could capture his face and car registration to report him ! HE DROVE in the middle of the ROAD .. trying not to let me pass !!!!! and FINALLY when i did it was only because he ALLOWED me to get in front of him .. NOT BY FORCE !!!! and OBVIOUSLY because he had drawn his FIREARM already !!!

People like this are not fit to hold firearm license when you point it at a distressed UNARMED father. i was UNARMED when he shot PEPPER SPRAY at my 18 month old daughter and me, i was UNARMED when i exited the car and videoed his face when he pulled the gun on me…. who knows what would of happened if i hadn’t recorded him !!

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  1. Sorry to here this boet. Not lekker, should of taken his car keys and driven off. Hope the little one, and you, are all okay.

  2. This is a good example why anyone in the law inforcement that abuses power. And go beyond what by law should be doing, get shot to death. And we the public hear on the news cop killed and are looking for suspect. Any one with information please call the police??!!! And anyone that supports an officer that abuses the law. Also goes in the same direction with the same result. A good amount of Cops make good people go bad. The will to abuse power with a badge to testify their wrong actions. Should be punishable by the FULL extent of the law. Yet VERY few honestly do their job. Wich is serve and protect, uphold the law. Protect the weak and defend the rights. Yet one man speaks and who will listen?

  3. No matter the circumstances, and regardless of how the FATHER handled the incident (as I would have) the Fidelity Guard aught to be prosecuted for brandishing his fie arm and or pepper spray. It IS POSSIBLE for the infant to have sustained severe injury to the lungs. I suggest the father take his daughter to the doctor for safety’s sake and for record purposes.

  4. That prick security guard is lucky you didn’t bliksem him as that’s what he deserved! I also had a run in with one of these guys that thinks he’s above everyone else.

  5. What a bad image this man has given Fidelity. Shows what kind of people are working for the company. He needs to be reprimanded and the company needs to release a report on how they delt with his incompetence and unnecessary aggression. I’d like to see him get whats coming to him.

  6. Well thank God for brave men like this who put themselves at risk to protect us from all those violent toddlers.

  7. the Guard got scared and didn’t know what to do?? then the African man he thought was a hero. Next time you do the same to different you be carrying in a plastic bag.. both are idiots

  8. Surprise, surprise; No videos on YouTube on the home invasion robbery in South Africa in which a four month-old baby was pepper sprayed while a three year-old had a gun pointed at her.

  9. On the whole Fidelity security sux. They hire anything that can get the job done and pay as little as possible while the "fatcats" Warl and François reap hundreds of millions in profits annually. Ramesh Kalicharan from their Pinetown office is the most hateful person I’ve ever met. As a senior manager making me fire staff indiscriminately. Once had the fire my best inspector for an vehicle accident… when he was parked and completely innocent. Ramesh used to hire out Fidelity guards and pocket the money. Also hire out armed guards with play play… yes plastic toy guns… I hope this guy gets his ass whipped.

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