Dogs Protecting Their Owners Real Life Footage

Dogs Protecting Their Owners Real Life Footage Best guard dogs have been compiled in this video. I would say that they are the best family dogs who risk their lives to save the owners. dogs are man’s loyal friend for centuries and till date they are the man’s best friend. If you own a dog from when it was a puppy and raise it properly, you will get one of the best family dog that will be very much protective towards you and will not tolerate any trespassing in the property that it’s in or the family it’s protecting. In this video you will see that how dogs managed to protect their owners against robberies, attacks, burglars, hooligans etc. I would say they are the best dogs who understand their duties very well and are doing what they are suppose to do. There are different dog breeds and different types of dogs and not all of the dogs can be good at protecting owners. Family protection dogs are usually from medium dog breeds to large dog breeds. Miniature dog breeds are often good at observing a danger but can’t protect you cause of their tiny size. I would say that the best family guard dogs or top dog breeds will be from medium to large height dogs.

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  1. The dog didn’t save its owner from that snake. The snake was just chilling
    in the sun. Dog attacked it.

  2. showing shooting dogs on one of them,the dog didn’t make it but I would
    have more fun killing anyone who hurts dogs. I would most likely enjoy it,
    bringing pain and harm to an individual who abused animals. catch me in san
    Antonio tx how bow dah lmfao

  3. one the snake one:(after he finished killing it he was like) anyone one
    else want to try me, huh? didn’t think so

  4. 1:10 where is that and why did that man throw him and other pedestrian or
    ppl around there just watching ?:/

  5. so the guy in the yellow shirt with the two dogs protection him from the
    guy trowing stuff at his kicks his dog I would of been like you shouldn’t
    have thrown stuff at me and they wouldn’t be attacking you

  6. For all those who say cats are batter pets than dogs,, give us a video
    where they’re getting aggressive & protecting owners like this one, or even
    receiving them with huge excitement when they return.

    I don’t think cats are any better than watching their dump shit and
    laughing at their stupidity, clowns in another word.

  7. Wait was the second one a guy robing a gun store? I’m surprised he didn’t
    get swarm by a river of bullets.

  8. do all the clips have to be such a shitty resolution? fuck me man people
    film with potatoes and shit

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