Darien Long loses job again

Darien Long loses job again

Central Atlanta Progress gets Darien Long fired. Drug dealers and scumbag rejoice.

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  1. It doesn’t pay to do your job.. Work hard and you get fired… Ummm kinda
    fucked up. And for the people who got tazed, oh well all the good he did
    went to shit now 

  2. dave wardell you need to shut up.you probably never had to deal with
    criminals or drug dealers or shoplifters.either suit up or shut up.

  3. Yeah just look at his videos and what he has to deal with…. Its old
    foggy politics the cops in half his vids do less than nothing half the
    time, hell there is that one officer that pretty much takes 0 action even
    with broken laws are not in dispute, just does not want to do his job.

    they were luck to have Darien.

  4. Bullshit world needs more Darren’s. Or criminals are gonna run the world,
    ooopps they already are.

  5. Dave Wardell seems to support the drug dealers, crack heads, whores, and
    pimps. I wonder if he has those types where he lives.

  6. The guy at 1:34 Dave Wardell, Is he joking? He says says you can’t use
    profane language, "fighting words" or be disorderly. So the people on the
    property are allowed to do whatever they want and threaten or assault the
    security guard but he can’t do anything? Is he supposed to guard the place
    with kind words and happy thoughts then I mean seriously. Drop that Dave
    Wardell guy off in the middle of the ghetto and he will change his tune
    real quick.

  7. After seeing so many unnecessary and brutal shootings by cops where people
    actually die, this taze is nothing. Save the lawsuits for what really

  8. 6 police officers are on trail for planting evidence and.murdering suspect
    Freddy gray in Baltimore. vote now on Americas most dertiest police force.
    is it Baltimore or Atlanta. please vote.now.

  9. Dave Wardell needs to get back to his gated community and stay there. What
    a corporate faggot. He has no clue at all what goes on in that ratchet ass
    mall and the "people" that the brave security guard is up against.

  10. That is not a mall. If it was a mall then you would see people shopping.
    Now since I don’t see any shopping bags in peoples hands I guess it is some
    sort of negro den. Negros congrigat at this area to partake in all sort of
    criminal activites while your hard earned tax dollars fuel their worthless

  11. the atlanta police are a joke, darien long kept the peace, this mall is now
    a stankhole for whore and drug dealers. the ploice are a joke, stay out of
    this mall. people who visit atlanta, go somewhere else.

  12. Finally, some real justice was carried out. You cant be a modern day
    Robocop now a days, you got to conduct yourself in a professional manner or
    else its out with the trash. They just looked for another means of getting
    rid of his ass so he couldn’t sue, you know the city police, major, etc had
    something to do with that behind closed doors.

  13. Ive brought this up on a few other videos and it still hasnt been
    addressed, when you undergo security training they tell you that you cant
    instigate fighting or provoke people. As much good as this guys doing in
    almost all his videos where hes kicking someone out or in a confrontation
    and someone starts talking shit he says shit like come here and ill beat
    your ass or come fight me. Being tough and vigilant is good but following
    the laws are important as well

  14. Pretty sure she spit on him. They only show a few seconds of the whole

    Someone tried to do that to me I would drop them with two to the chest one
    to the head.

  15. they should give Darian Long key to the city cause it’s obvious apd ain’t
    doing shit to prevent criminal activity

  16. Dave Wardell doesn’t know shit. You deal with ratchet folks up to no good
    on a daily basis you can’t talk like that to them. The mall is their world.
    You have to show your just as tough or they’ll walk all over you. Look at
    all the other videos on youtube of ghetto idiots getting into fights in
    malls. The security can’t do shit except tell them to "stop". They just get
    ignored. Make that Dave guy work security there for a week and I bet he’ll
    have a different perspective.

  17. That place is a serious crime area where lowlife’s hang out drugging ,and
    causing dangerous situations and nuisances. Dave Wardell acts like this
    strip mall is some prestigious shopping place, like Oscar de la Renta in
    NYC. What a freaking joke. Law enforcement should’ve been glad that
    someone else was doing their job in that cesspool so they didn’t have to.

  18. sub-human monkeys,blacks are monkeys.look at them!!! they got the monkey
    monkeys face,color of dogshit skin. and all they do is fight!!!!

  19. I know Darien was rehired, but I would love to see Dave Wardell put up with
    those animals for a week without using profanity, or becoming aggressive.
    Let’s be real, if he was in charge of keeping the Metro Mall safe, it would
    be looted within a day and he would be probably stripped naked and beaten
    by the looters. Liberals have no idea what the real world is like. If I
    owned the Metro Mall, Darien would have all the authority he needs to do is
    job, and a big check for doing it.

  20. Dave Wardell has no idea of what the fuck he is talking about. Hope you
    get it from one of the animals.

  21. Remind me not to go to Atlanta… And, we wonder why cops shoot first and
    ask questions later. Bunch of dumb assess.

  22. This is some bs. Why he got fired!!! He’s the one who can keep all those
    trash people out of that mall. That mall need him. He’s such a great
    security guard !!! 

  23. Darion long needs to be reinstated immediately.That dude for secretary of
    defense!Darion you the truth!!

  24. That Dave, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He wouldn’t last a
    minute with what Mr. Long had to deal with. Those maggots are unbelievable
    and he gave them every chance to get their ugly selves out of the building.
    In a way, I am glad Mr. Long is no longer there, time he find a well
    deserved employment… I can’t believe the community doesn’t step up and
    help him some times… Mr. Wardell, it’s your turn to patrol, you have
    absolutely no idea what Darien went through for the flea (drug/thieves)
    infested mall.

  25. Dave wardell is a mark ass bitch who’s more concerned about liability
    insurance than preventing crimes.. Fuck Dave wardell and your gated

  26. Everybody saying this cracker doesn’t know what he is talking about is
    stupid. He wants drugs to be sold there. He wants blacks to stay down and
    that’s why Darien got fired. This cracker damn well knows what he is doing.
    Typical snake.

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