Dangerously Rich Billionaire Super Security 2012 (Part 1/2)

Dangerously Rich Billionaire Super Security 2012 (Part 1/2)

From Warren Buffett’s bodyguard to a high-tech panic room in a Hollywood mansion and on board a mega yacht in Miami, CNBC goes behind the scenes with the men and women who protect the super-rich. These are nervous times for billionaires around the globe and an entire industry is on call ready to sell the ultra-rich super security.

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  1. Do you have to be such an ass when you comment? it makes people overlook
    the validity of your s and focus instead on the delivery. no one pays
    attention to what you are saying and you come off as a major dick.


  3. When the 99% comes for the 1%, those houses will become their prisons. They
    better stock up on a lot of food and fuel. Sooner or later they will get

  4. No matter how many security can protect you…. there will be one person
    that will be desperate and will get past all the layer of security

  5. You can’t cheat death. Personal body guards and safe houses are great for
    putting the mind at ease, but death can never be cheated.

  6. This is good business , protecting this candy ass bitches the ones that are
    from the underworld but have become legit are easy to spot , they don’t
    need no motherfnkg protection they protect themselves.

  7. The foolish wealthy will spend billions on security. But their own family
    and closest allies will be the ones to do them in. Those closest to the
    rich have the most to gain. That’s the real threat.

  8. I tend to think the rich people who need security are the ones who have
    dirty buisness such as involved with criminal activity or just act spoiled
    that they want to make themseleves seem like they are that important that
    they higher sugar daddys around them and mainly people attack this bastards
    because they tend to be the ones who secretly steal from the people and
    call it buisness they say it aint personal that its buisness yea for them
    its buisness but when there buisness screws u over it affects u personally
    so thats why peole tend to attack this people cause many rich people with
    security like that have taken everything away from the people

  9. I don’t know why anyone one likes to kill the rich humm bad people idk why
    they would die when they know the police gonna come for them

  10. 9:42 Bird flu protection.. That shot is scary. The selected rich are
    protected but not the population if a virus breaks out. Maybe a man made
    virus for population control NW0

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