Commissionaires Ottawa – Security Guard Services

Commissionaires Ottawa – Security Guard Services

Commissionaires Ottawa is an award-winning private security company that offers comprehensive security solutions: on-site or mobile security, digital fingerprinting, criminal background checks, a pardon application service, by-law enforcement, non-core police services, security and security-related training, threat risk assessments, pre-employment screening, and investigations, to name a few.

With nearly 4,000 employees, Commissionaires Ottawa is one of the largest private employers based in the National Capital Region. It is also a not-for-profit company dedicated to contributing to employee compensation and training opportunities that are over and above what is required by law and superior to its competitors. By reinvesting 95% of its revenues in providing industry-leading wages, benefits and training programs to its employees, the company is strategically structured to not only attract talent, but retain it. Today, Commissionaires Ottawa maintains, by far, the highest employee retention rate in the private security industry at 87%—which is good news for clients whose investment in the Commissionaires brand of services ensures they also benefit from a more stable, reliable, loyal and experienced security presence.

Commissionaires Ottawa is proud to hire former members of the Canadian Forces and RCMP, as well as other security-focused citizens who share a passion to protect their fellow Canadians. In addition to military, policing and security backgrounds, Commissionaires Ottawa’s talent pool includes a broad range of value-added experience such as leadership and management, information technology (IT), business, finance, logistics, administration, customer service, and skilled trades.

Once known for primarily guarding government buildings, modern-day commissionaires are also providing comprehensive security solutions at high-tech, industrial and commercial office facilities; international and local airports; schools, colleges and universities; hospitals; overseas and local embassies; banks; museums, shopping centres and other public buildings; RCMP and police detachments; and, military bases and support units.

Commissionaires Ottawa has offices in Ottawa, Gatineau, Petawawa, Sudbury and Windsor. It provides services at about 500 private and public sector client sites in the National Capital Region, the Ottawa Valley, throughout Northern Ontario, and also in parts of Northwestern Quebec and Southwestern Ontario.

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