Coast Guard Maritime Security Response Team

Coast Guard Maritime Security Response Team

PORTSMOUTH, Va. – U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano visited the Coast Guard Integrated Support Command in Portsmouth for a demonstration of the capabilities of the Coast Guard’s Maritime Security Response Team Monday.

During Napolitano’s visit, the MSRT demonstrated their underway boarding techniques, including a vertical insertion from a helicopter and a hook-and-climb boarding from a 25-foot Defender Class response boat, on the Coast Guard Cutter Frank Drew.

After the demonstration, Napolitano gave a press briefing on the Coast Guard’s role in national port security and counter-terrorism, pledging her support for the Coast Guard’s missions.

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  1. @highspeed777 The Jay Hawk is a long-range helicopter not deployed on
    Cutters. It hasn’t really been used in interdiction roles yet. The special
    go-fast units in FL got to test out and develop armed helicopter tactics on
    Augusta aircraft which I guess didn’t pan out, but now, the USCG is
    upgrading all of its helicopters to be armed and interchangeable in
    missions. It is the Coast Guard way.

  2. I was at a msst 3 years. they do take reservist. But to go on deployment
    with the team very few do. Its up to you to keep your training qual. But if
    you wanna do LE and Boardings. Stations. Station miami nonstop action. 

  3. Nothing basicly they both do the same missions like counter-terrorism,high
    risks boardings into suspected terrorists vessels,tactical law
    enforcement,etc.One difference is that MSST can be deployed to the gulf
    coast of Iraq,Afghanistan,Africa,Mexico,whatever, and MSRT do their
    missions only in U.S. I hope this helpful

  4. Tactics are developed based on your enemy’s capabilities, your own weapons
    systems’ capabilities and rules of engagement. No one knows how to board
    boats/ships in open water better than the Coast Guard. That’s why LEDET
    teams are aboard US Navy ships. Also, because the US Coast Guard is the
    only military force allowed to do law enforcement on the seas, it is the
    only authority on the subject. The Marines don’t board to enforce law. The
    Marines board to kill. Very different tactics.

  5. ME is the rating (Job) Maritime Enforcement Specialist. Basically they
    enforce the law, counter-terrorism, intercept drug traffickers and board

  6. The current helicopter fleet upgrades are refitting the Dolphins and Jay
    Hawks with weapons (M-240/M-2.) The HH-60J is re-designated as the MH-60T
    once it is refitted. Thus, the HH-60’s aren’t armed, while the MH-60’s
    are/can be. The upgrades are scheduled to be completed on all Coast Guard
    Jay Hawks by 2014.

  7. Yeah, I bet. South Florida is where the action is at. I’m going in for boot
    + A school in July to be stationed in Marathon, FL. I heard through the
    grapevine that it’s the busiest place in the country if not one of the
    busiest so either way, whether I stay as an ME or join the MSST—there’s
    gonna be action. I’ll probably do ME for a while, get some experience and
    then gun for that MSST slot. Thanks for giving a future reservist hope
    though! =-]

  8. Hey if you ain’t spending money than your lossing it in skill… If the
    Coast Guard DOG’s and Navy SEAL’s stoped investing money than they stop
    training, and if they stop training their usefullness as a Anti-Terrorisim
    Special Operations Platform is hindered usless thus lossing even more money
    and lives on top of that. I’m pretty sure if you were being held hostage on
    a ferry and a Coast Guard MSST or MSRT team droped in you would want them
    to preform at the very best a SOCOM Unit can do.

  9. I really want to join the U.S. coast guard. This is exactly what I would
    love to do. I’m 18 and I’m gonna do whatever it takes to become a u.s.
    coast guard! Being out in the ocean doing drug busts, if hating terrorists
    with a partner or a team is exactly what I want to do. These videos just
    motivate me more.

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