Church Security Do’s & Dont’s

Church Security Do’s & Dont’s

In this video we will discuss what the ideal role of the team is and is not.

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  1. Do we Really need Armed Security and Body Guards at Church functions?  Are you canvassing for Security Work?  What does this Cost?  How many men do you need per Church?  Where are you Located?  This is so Strange!

  2. why are you doing the illuminati pyramid sign, from the pits of hell. how can you tell the church of the living God what to do. promoting the NWO!

  3. Great video. Check out ( civilization jihad in America , are you prepared / YouTube / John Guandolo )😎

  4. In the days of our youth, this idea would have been incredible, as we never had the threats from radical izlam (I know how to spell it, people) and the insane muzlim hatred towards Christians and Jews (and even their own other brand of izlam). Today the world is insane and far more violent, and the muzlim threat is not only just across the Mexican border, but is among the population of the nation ( like Dearborn, MI, an entire city of muzlim hate) and more recruits are ‘volunteering’ every day through social media. It is just a matter of time before there will be an attack on a church, as they are ideal targets of mass murder, a large number of unarmed victims in a convenient box. And what will our leftist friends say about that? Disarm the population, as always, ‘to make us safe’. Never let a good crisis go to waste, when trying to achieve that goal.

  5. More and more thugs and criminals regard churches as a gun free zone. Also, check the stats concerning "bleed over" from domestic disputes coming to churches and other buildings. It is sad that this is what we have come to. Our small church has a PST. Protective service team. Knowledgeable retired military security train the team.

  6. Great information Brother Brian LaMaster. I’m apart of a group called Concerned Clergy of Bulloch County and our mission is to promote sound Biblical doctrine and relationships between churches, homes, schools, and communities through out Bulloch County, according to the Holy Scriptures. To educate, encourage and lead people in the way of salvation, goodness, righteousness, morality and temperance as taught by the Bible.

    We are planning on dong a safety awareness sessions with the churches, community and local law enforcement and I would like to share your information. It is much needed because we can get comfortable down here in the South and think it can’t happen to us. You bring out some great points and as Clergy and Leaders we need to address them instead of waiting until some bad happen and then try to figure out what to do. So thank you, and you never know, some of these clergy might contact you. Be bless and I pray that God will continue to bless your ministry.

  7. Excellent video. The church definitely needs this type of information. As Scripture states: "My people perish for a lack of knowledge."

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