Caucasian Shepherd Ataman – Chempion on Security

Caucasian Shepherd Ataman – Chempion on Security

Caucasian ovcharka Ataman – multiple prize winner and the champion of the bite-competition
In this video, our participation in the competitions on guard and protection work
Moments from different championships during 2010 – 2015 years

The organizers and active participants:

Security Dog School “ARES”
Dog Training Center “Phoenix”
“Dogs Village” training center
and others

Trainers, judges, probable enemies

Thank you all
for the excellent work with dogs !!!

Other videos with Ataman:

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  1. I currently own (since4 days) a 1year old caucasian bitch. I don’t know how
    to get rid of her nipping(playful but it still hurts) without forcing the
    dog in any way. I tried saying NO or putting her on leash and correcting,
    also giving a chewing toy instead but when she starts playing she uses her
    whole body on me and nips. It’s not my first dog and in the past I never
    had trouble with correcting unwanted behaviours but this time It’s a
    problem. (My arms are full of bruises, she doesn’t want to hurt or bite
    hard but she doesn’t know her limit as in when she should stop)

  2. They say this dogs have the stopping power of a 45 magnum,and by the way I
    see it it’s true

  3. How far can you walk these dogs a day. It says they are low energy. would
    they be happy to walk 5 miles or more per day or would they not be too
    happy doing this? In the uk so temperatures are never extreme.

  4. Why does it seem like the bite isn’t that deep? also the dog keeps letting
    go, i thought they are supposed to bite and never let go? also is the dog
    trained to bite in specific spots or are they biting in random areas?

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