1. Been a Security Officer in NYC for eight years and I absolutely LOVE this!
    Kills me every time!:-)

  2. Towely you miss the point It takes imagination sometimes. Just keep playing
    your xbox and watching realityvtv

  3. Bob pretty much invented this style, half the act is implied , thats
    brilliant. and he always does stuff without being blue and with perfect
    timing and cadence. nobody has done more with a pause than Mr Newhart.
    Fantastic stuff

  4. Towely, when you get past grade school, you might have a better
    understanding of this kind of humour.

  5. A long while back, you could record straight from the internet by just
    using the sound recorder that is standard in any Windows version without a
    mike or anything, so I recorded a lot of stuff off the original AOL Radio.
    This was one of my favorites of things I recorded and still listen to it on
    a regular basis! Now I’ve got that program that lets you download YouTube
    videos to your computer, so I decided it was about time I added to my
    collection. Best investment I’ve ever made since you can download them as
    either MP4s or MP3s (or both if you so desire)! Now I can save things like
    this as an audio file that I can put on my cell phone for when I’m waiting
    for a bus or just walking to the store. It’s amazing what good company Mr.
    Newhart, Allan Sherman and others like them are and how listening makes
    your errands seem to go so much faster. :-)

  6. Was listening to this on an Australian internal Qantas flight. I had never
    heard it before and I was just cracking up laughing so loud, many heads
    were turning in my direction. This is brilliant!

  7. ‘…. 18 or 19 storeys high. Depending on whether or not there’s a 13th
    floor…’ Brilliant, beautifully structured comedy.

  8. I heard that Newhart went to a high school not too long ago and had the
    kids in stitches. He still has it. 

  9. I’m not sure if I was even born around the time he made the comedy standup,
    and don’t know anything about Bob Newhart. Well I was born in 1992, and
    just listening to this I know it is golden and classic comedy.

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