Best ultimate pit bull protection guard dog attack trained family pitbull k9 Achilles

Best ultimate pit bull protection guard dog attack trained family pitbull k9 Achilles

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The ultimate family protection dog in one package. He has never been on an e collar and can work just as good without any collar or leash. Achilles the bluenose pit bull is a super intelligent loyal loving dog that can protect and work while being the best kids nanny and family dog. He is a joy to be around and loves everyone until turned on. He’s very stable and doesn’t get protective unless specifically signalled. I prefer the pit bull because as a breed, they generally lack human aggression and make horrible guard dogs, a properly bred one that is.
The want to full fill their owners wishes gives them the ability to do multiple things well. A good dogs starts with a good owner and i would like to change the perception that surrounds the breed. He competes and we are hoping to do things no other pit bull has done before. His offspring carry his phenomenal intelligent stable temperament and healthy muscley genetics.
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  1. se tiene que darle un like a ésto porque está demasiado brutal para coser
    enseñes a sus pitbulls entrenamiento

  2. Can I buy these dogs off you??? Oh yeah, and I’m gonna need a months long
    training session, for ME, not THEM!!!!!

  3. Nice to see these dogs being trained to their full potential rather than
    being branded savage beasts due to incompetent owners, amazing training

  4. My pit bull Daisy is well trained. Every time I drop food on the floor she
    cleans it up for me, wish I could train my wife to do that.

  5. en esos dos perros los dos pitbull que usted están entrenando para ver si
    ustedes me podrían mandar el video así yo entrenar a mí pitbull de raza y
    el envío una foto y eso va usted quiere ustedes quieren hacer el trato sí o

  6. Wow that is total respect between man an dog well done trainer can U come
    train my dog amazing

  7. You are good at what you do can be a right pain in the ass training dogs
    good vid and subbed


  9. A pitbull is no match for a heater.
    One good heater can turn 100 pitbulls into Swiss cheese in a couple of

  10. @BulletproofPitbulls – knowing that they can be aggressive, how do you
    train them to be so quiet and calm (like when you were in the store)? My
    dog is a 9yr old pitbull. He is ONLY food motivated. So unless there is
    food or a snack involved, he doesn’t listen well. He has never come on
    command despite training sessions. The only concern I really have is when
    guests come over the house or nearby and I want him to accept them and not
    jump all over the place and try to dominate them.

  11. hello anybody there i’m looking for a bulletproof vest for my guard dogs
    including bulletproof head and neck guard pls..pls..

  12. I can’t even get my yorkie to sit on command. You have an amazing dog,
    wonderful job training him.

  13. Hey guys if you think pit bulls are mean and viscus you are wrong they are
    living caring and sweet they are only like that when you train them or
    abuse them but in this video he is just trying to show what is dogs can do
    and if you look in the store the lady went to pet the dog and the dog was
    nice so I just wanted to say that sorry if I say it weird

  14. Should he really be teaching the dog to bite for the arm: Wouldn’t
    attacking the legs be more advantageous?…just a question

  15. Absolutely stunning! Keep up the good work, I LOVE watching well-trained,
    well-treated, healthy working dogs.

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