BAD SANTA 2 Uncensored TRAILER # 2 (Christina Hendricks – Billy Bob Thornton)

BAD SANTA 2 Uncensored TRAILER # 2 (Christina Hendricks – Billy Bob Thornton)

The worst Santa ever is BACK! BAD SANTA 2 TRAILER (Billy Bob Thornton – Comedy, 2016)
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A Movie directed by Mark Waters
Cast : Billy Bob Thornton, Kathy Bates, Tony Cox
Release Date : 23 November 2016
Genre : Comedy

© 2016 – Broad Green Pictures

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  1. Got more laugh in this one trailer than most of the shit they dare to call
    themself comedies combined

  2. Western civilization would be much better off without this piece of doo-doo
    but "If this ain’t Fetal Alcohol Syndrome than what the fuck is it" was a
    good one.

  3. Picture this! a blaphemous religion and iluminati satanic hollywood fags
    and there you have it!!! Bad santa 2. Fucking die!!!

  4. youtub sorry shit heads tell you to sign up to watch a movie then they fuck
    you wont let you watch till you give them a credit card number. what kind
    of shit is that

  5. Watching Christina getting railed from behind next to a dumpster was worth
    the price of admission.

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  7. I saw it about a month ago I liked it no movie is as good as the first but
    it still was good I really liked it especially seeing the crew back

  8. THIS MOVIE SUCKS! Dont waste your money. Total waste of film. Same shitty
    plot. Nigger midget. Drunken butt fucker. Both stealing shit on Christmas.

  9. Lot of good lines in the movie .

    Santa about big sized woman-security guard : She was wetter than lake

    Santa to kid : What can I get you ?
    Kid : Stuffed cat that moves , but does`nt poop, some duct tape to build a
    boat .

    Santa to another kid : What dou you want `?
    Kid : A hand grenade .

    Another kid : I want a penguine . It doesnt have to be alive.

  10. Oh Hell I have to To See this… When it Hit’s BluRay…. I don’t Go to
    Theaters… No Thank you… Just my 2 Cents…

  11. The way to do it is to swear in high moments maybe it might sound ok but to
    swear every second sentence makes it not as funny like swearing to a kid ,
    it’s a lot over the top , an adult would use swear words if uneducated but
    not to a kid , it’s knowing when to use the bad words that can make it

  12. it was alright, but the first is better. but still. if you’re a fan of the
    first one, go for it.

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