ATL Security Guard Finally Gets Help From Atlanta Police

ATL Security Guard Finally Gets Help From Atlanta Police

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  1. Brother, you’re a good man with good intentions as brother Long is, and I
    agree with you on quite a few points. But… giving/allowing everyone to
    carry arms… REALLY??
    There has to be some more thought given to that… Can you imagine what any
    of those situations would’ve turned into…
    And I have not heard any mention of the businesses who hired him… It
    didn’t seem as though they wanted any assistance from outside law
    enforcement… hence the lack of support brother Long received… A little
    shady to me…
    There should’ve been at least 2 security guards in that place. Neither did
    I see any form of protocol (to his credit, he did the best he could in
    those situations) for dealing with people, and Long also became reactionary
    in each case, because he was worried about being surrounded or overtaken.
    Just a bad situation that put him on the front line when he should’ve been
    the last resort. Power to everybody trying to do the right thing. But let’s
    think about what we’re doing…

  2. Damn shame how people in this video and the others in the other videos. The
    individuals who act like this are a big problem in the U.S. Its a shame it
    seems like nobody can’t nip it in the bud. These idiots don’t define the
    black race either so any racist need zip they lips. I am Japanese and have
    tons of african american friends and they even can’t stand thug type guys
    because its an issue in the african american community. Oh yea, he said "go
    get my lawyer", man get the fuck outta here with that shit.

  3. sorry my brother how can you defense on this guy that he thinks he a police
    he is not . that’s y we have a system set in place lace like I say is many
    ways to help your community with out this I do my way guy.

  4. Iv’e been with him so far but, it’s none of his fucking business if dude
    has weed in his pocket.

  5. He didn’t get crazy with the white guy sitting there ready to buy the smoke
    smh blacks be to much love for the white system

  6. "whats in ur pocket bruh" "U ain’t about to leave dawg" "Don’t touch me
    bruh" "Don’t reach for nothin’" "What u got?"

    only thing I heard and it was repeated waay to maany times

  7. Good posting. Good luck to you Darien hope things work out for you. Keep
    up the good work and thanks for making a difference

  8. +tom jackson I totally agree, instead many black people protect the
    criminals in the community with this stupid so called no snitching policy
    which thugs thrive off!!! we only speak out against murderers, thieves, and
    drug dealers when the crimes effect our family personally, other than that
    we don’t care about the other black people who are victims and we say
    nothing leaving the community in continued decay.

  9. Go out der git my lawyer, man.. What?? Are you for real??
    Ridiculousness..smh.. I feel sorry for that Security Guard, it must pay
    really good for him to take that nonsense everyday.

  10. This dude A. takes his job WAY TO FAR, cuz whats in sumones pocket aint
    none of his business unless its somethin they stole.. B. is a PUBLICITY
    WHORE thats why hes starting drama for no reason

  11. Jesus, What in the world are these people smoking? I really hate it for the
    SG. The SG is a true hero. I am so afraid that my trigger finger would have
    TWITCHED, SEVERAL TIMES. God Bless this SG, he is better than I would ever

  12. Hes a so-called "hero" because hes black, but if he were white or hispanic
    blacks would be pulling the race card and acting like victims. The
    Hypocrisy in the black community…..smh

  13. Did he ask that white guy who picked the weed up? Lol! Like he’s going to
    run the risk of getting his a$$ beat! What is he doing there anyway at
    that zoo?

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